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If you don’t see a question addressed below, please contact us and we will be happy to answer your query.

NEED A RETAILER: It appears that there are no Arabella retailers in my area…what should I do?

Arabella has a wide representation in over 600 stores all over the United States and Internationally in Canada, Puerto Rico and Brazil. If you are unable to find a retailer in your exact area, please contact your local stationer and ask them to look into becoming an Arabella retailer. This process can be expedited to meet your ordering needs, if retailer options are available in their area.

ECO-FRIENDLY: Is Arabella Papers an eco-friendly company?

Arabella Papers is aware of the impact all major paper and printing companies make on our global environment. Because of our concern, Arabella Papers has partnered with Carbonfund.Org to “reduce what we can & offset what we can’t.” Arabella Papers annually donates a portion of profits to great eco-causes around the world through this organization.

CUSTOM LINES: How many lines does Arabella have?

Arabella offers a broad range of custom designs and product in varying price ranges. We are continuously working on creating new designs and introducing them to the market. The following custom lines are currently available in retail stores nationwide:
Arabella Custom Wedding Invitations and Accessories (Volume I & II)
Arabella Custom Bar & Bat Mitzvah Invitations (Volume I)
Arabella Custom Holiday Cards
BELLA Weddings (Affordable Luxury Collection)
BELLA CLASSIC Weddings (A Traditional Affordable Luxury Collection)
We also offer custom designs for birth announcements, showers, parties and other social and corporate events

SAMPLES: How do I order samples of Arabella products?

Please contact your local Arabella stationer and have them order a sample directly through us. We will send your sample(s) to the store in time for your appointment so you can fully evaluate all of our customization options. Samples will cost $5 per set with a minimum $5 shipping fee. While the availability of your sample is not guaranteed, we will strive to satisfy all such requests.

BELLPRESS: What is Bellpress Printing?

Bellpress™ Printing is a luxurious new printing method, originally discovered in Europe and Asia. Since its introduction to the American fine stationery market in 2007, it has become increasingly popular as an elegant raised printing process for high-end invitations and stationery. It is known for its rich textures, crisp detail and outstanding design flexibility. (read more)

HAND MADE PRODUCT: What does this mean?

Our Bellpress™ print process is an entirely hand printed artisan process that requires extreme precision and detail when setting up an order on the press. Further more, all of our pieces are custom made. We do not carry any masters of our work, making each invitation order truly unique. All of the assembly on our product is done by hand and even our luxurious envelopes are hand converted.

TURNAROUND TIME: What is Arabella Turnaround time?

Arabella’s standard turnaround time is 3 weeks. In certain cases where your order does not require extremely tedious hand assembly (like in the case of a non ribbon folder or an order with minimum accessory pieces) we are able to complete your entire hand printed order within 2 weeks from final proof approval. Certain custom pieces like large folder orders over 150 quantity may require upto 4 weeks in production. Please contact us to get an accurate time-frame prior to placing your order,

RUSH: Can my order be rushed?

Our standard manufacturing turn-around time is 2-4 weeks after proof approval. Kindly keep in mind that each item in your order is meticulously hand printed to be the perfect introduction for your special event. The invitations themselves are all hand-cut and hand-assembled, the envelopes hand-converted and the papers hand-dyed.

Therefore, we do require this minimum time to manufacture your custom order. There are a couple of things you can do: (1) Kindly request that your stationer contact us to see if a rush is at all possible on your order (please understand that despite our desire to help, the nature of your order simply may not allow for a rush of this sort). A 25% upcharge might be applicable. (2) During the proofing stage, request that your envelopes be shipped ahead. The “envelopes ahead” option typically allows you to receive and begin the addressing of the envelopes, 3-5 business days before the remaining portion of your order ships. The cost is $15 plus shipping. An additional $15 dropship fee applies if you prefer that we ship your envelopes directly to your calligrapher.

ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES: Can I order coordinating invitation accessories through Arabella?

Yes, we offer a full range of reception accessories to coordinate perfectly with your invitation order. Designed with your special event in mind, we offer a full range of custom table cards, place cards, escort cards, programs, menus, tags, thank you cards and much more!

RETURN ADDRESS PRINTING: Do I have to pay extra to have my return address printed on my envelope?

All of Arabella’s custom hand converted envelopes come with FREE return address printing on the back flap. For added aesthetics we can also include décor to the front of your invitation envelope free of charge.

ADDRESSING: How should Arabella’s envelopes be addressed?

Arabella envelopes are made from heavy cover stock and are not intended to be printed by conventional home or office printers. Arabella Papers offers an exclusive addressing service to hand print your guest list. This service is designed to perfectly coordinate with your invitation set. Simply send us your guest list in electronic format and leave the addressing to us. All you’ll have to do is stuff, stamp and mail!

If you chose not use Arabella’s guest name addressing service, we believe hand calligraphy is the next best way to address an Arabella envelope. Your personal stationer is likely to be able to recommend the best hand calligraphers in your area. If machine calligraphy is a more preferable option for you, please ask your stationer for recommendations. They may contact us for a list of machine calligraphers who are able to print on our custom envelopes

POSTAGE: Do Arabella stationery products require special postage?

Our Basic and Bello sized invitations can typically be mailed at the standard postal letter rate, depending on the weight of inserts included. All other invites are categorized as “Large or Oversized Envelopes” and require special postage. Because of the continuous change in postal rates and rules, it is highly recommended that you bring in a sample of your complete ensemble to your local post office and get your entire set weighed for an accurate estimate.

CUSTOM ART FOR STAMPS: How do I match the design on my invitation?

Arabella Papers is proud to partner with ZAZZLE to introduce our very own custom Arabella Zazzle store. You can now buy coordinating postage (as suggested by your local post-office) right from our website. If you don’t see a design or motif that is showcased in our gallery, simply have your stationer contact us and we will be happy to create something just for you!

Please note, this partnership is independent from your stationery order and your postage order is being placed through Zazzle. Arabella is simply providing custom art that is free to use.

ART FOR RECEPTION ITEMS: May I order a copy of a motif design or name logo found on my invitation? I’d like to use it to customize items for my event and reception.

Yes, you certainly may. Please submit your request to your stationer. A $100 one time retail charge applies. The specific art clip/motif/logo you order will be emailed to your stationer within 3 business days. Please respect that the art remains the sole property of Arabella Papers and is being supplied only for use in the event stated on your invitation.


Arabella's corporate offices are in Atlanta, Georgia. We staff a wonderful team of designers customer service reps, quality control staff, accounting and sales and marketing staff. All of our gorgeous hand-made stationery is manufactured at an off-site oversees state-of-the-art manufacturing plant. Our manufacturing facility is ISO certified and follows the strictest guidelines for product and quality assurance. We uphold the highest standards for our emplyees and our work environment.


We use UPS as our preferred carrier to deliver our stationery from our corporate office and/or overseas manufacturing plant. Please note that we cannot be held liable for time delays in the shipment process in the unlikely event of a delay caused by the carrier due to a natural disaster or a package stuck in customs. We will however, work with the carrier to make sure that your package is delivered to you as quickly as they possibly can. Kindly also note that shipping to a residence may cause delayed shipping time based on the carrier's route, even if your order has been marked for an overnight or express delivery. In our experience intercepting an international package once it has already been shipped has known to cause further confusion and delayed delivery.


Your satisfaction is important to us. We are confident that you will be satisfied with your purchase from Arabella Papers. As our invitations require such extensive labor and time, we strongly urge you to review your order within 5 business days of receiving it to allow us as much time as possible, in case there is an error requiring a reprint. If a client requires a reprint, please note that we will do everything to expedite your order, but may require up to 10 business days. Due to the hand-made nature of our items, the printing and drying time required for our Bellpress method and the location of our oversees manufacturing facility, we do need certain allocated time to fulfill such requests.

Please note, as all of our hand-made stationery is fully customized for each individual client and for this reason we cannot offer a return. Arabella's hand-made custom stationery is non-refundable. In the case of an issue, the client will be given credit towards a future order. Kindly also note, if your accept delivery of an order order an it is used and mailed, the client is fully responsible for all payment. Discounts are not offered for errors that we make right. Further, In the event of a dispute and we need to seek an agency or an attorney for collection, the client is responsible for all collection costs, attorney's fees and court costs.