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About Us



Established by Amita and Ajay Gupta Arabella Papers was born out of the love for papers, colors, and fine detail. This love and passion for making thing different and creative helps Arabella to grow enormously. Arabella Papers is a custom stationery company that specializes in hand-made products available only through the most elite stationery stores in the United States and Internationally. Arabella papers is doing lots of transfigure invites for its clients which maintain degree of sophistication. Team at Arabella Papers; know how to blend conventional and contemporary art to make your invite exquisite.

With this unique team of experienced designers, typesetters, and friendly customer service, we specialize in catering to the most discerning of stationery clients and expectations. Our expertise and experience in the niche market of exclusive custom stationery allows us to consistently forecast selling trends and design fresh concepts that are made to excite and impress.


We are proud to be a purveyor of quality hand-made products, All of our custom invitations are pressed, assembled, and cut by skilled artisans of the Bellpress process, Arabella custom cards and invitations are designed especially for the individual who appreciates beautiful things.

THE PRINTING: After discovering the Bellpress printing method in London and Asia many years ago, the Arabella team has worked extensively to introduce this impressive new raised method of printing to the American stationery market. Bellpress™ printing is becoming prominent largely because it gives the crisp raised look and feel of engraving while allowing for improved design and color flexibility, Bellpress™ printing does not leave a bruise on the back of a card (unlike engraving) due to the use of a softer synthetic die-form and less pressure while being able to print large surfaces. For this reason, we are able to print on both sides of a card while achieving the same raised crisp feel.

THE DESIGNS: Inspired by global fashion and decor trends, Arabella's designers have fused traditional and modern pattern concepts with fashion forward color ways to create a gorgeous new wave of sophisticated, yet reminiscent invitations that are made to impress the most discerning of guests.

HOW DO WE DO IT: Arabella's trademark folder invitations are manually die-cut and printed with care and precision using the raised Bellpress™ printing method. Each component is printed individually by hand, Double faced satin ribbons are then woven into the interior and exterior of each folder, to achieve a first class finish on an already enchanting invitation. Then, as if this weren't enough to wow your guests". Arabella's envelopes are individually printed with a custom design inside, then die-cut and hand assembled using luxuriously heavy papers. The designers of Arabella Papers seem utterly determined to impress your guests with the elegance, weight and beauty of a truly well designed hand-made invitation.